Self-Tuning VCO III


  • Analog VCO
  • Digitally Controlled Self-Tuning Function
  • 3 Wave Mixer
  • Square, Triangle, Saw-tooth
  • Fine Tune Control
  • Iconic 3340 IC
  • Signal Level LEDs
  • 6HP, 26mm depth
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Watch this demo video here to see how it works!

As you may have worked out by its name, the Duskwork Self-Tuning VCO III contains an in-built Self-Tuning function, so gone are the days of finding your tuner. Just hold down a C note on your 1v/oct keyboard and hit tune – wait for the green LED to light up again, and then it will be perfectly in tune.

These days, many of us wish to de-tune our VCO’s, and that’s why this updated version of the VCO now has its own manual fine tune knob in addition to the Self-Tuning function.

“What do those 3 knobs do?” – Good question. That’s another nifty feature this VCO has, a dedicated wave-mixer – allowing you to perfect the tone of your wave exactly as you’d like by sweeping between square, saw-tooth & triangle wave shapes.

“Are those lights?? I love lights!” – Oh yes, we almost forgot to mention… Each of the waves have their own status LED showing you how loud (or quiet) each wave type is. Who doesn’t love the warm glow of an amber LED?

DIY Assembly guide: Self-Tuning VCO III DIY Build Guide

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