ADSR (Design by Rene Schmitz)

Hello all, I’ve spent the past few days working on another synth module stripboard layout. This time, the ADSR (#2) from Rene Schmitz as found on his website.

It’s a simple ADSR design based around a 555 timer circuit with a simple TL072 op-amp to improve the output. An extra feature of this stripboard layout (compared with his original schematic) is a simple panel mounted LED for signal indication (very helpful when trying to hunt down the cause of an annoying buzz coming from somewhere in your synth!!).

One thing worth mentioning is that Rene’s original design calls for 2.2meg potentiometers, but I couldn’t justify the extortionate price wanted from Farnell! I put in some 1meg pots, and they seem do the trick… Albeit a little more sensitive than I’d like, but I’m more than happy with how it turned out. For a more accurate control, I’d use 2.2meg potentiometers, but 1meg pots are more than adequate for a nice ADSR output.

Anyway, here’s the stripboard layout for the (very slightly modified) Rene Schmitz ADSR #2:

ADSR Stripboard Layout

And here’s my finished product (note the smudged sharpie because I rushed… Don’t rush kids)

Finished ADSR by

And for completeness, here is the schematic from Rene’s website, he has loads more great designs on there if you’re interested! I add this just in case you need to fault find, as it can get very frustrating very quickly when you don’t have the proper schematic!

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