Self-Tuning VCO III – Full DIY Kit – Eurorack


Key Features

– Analogue voltage controlled oscillator
– Built-in Self-Tuning function
– Manual Fine Tune
– 3-wave mixer: Square, Saw-tooth & Triangle
– Signal level LEDs
– 6 HP Eurorack width
– Easy to control & use

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The PCB for the Self-Tuning VCO III arrives pre-programmed with the latest firmware, and the kit itself includes every component you need to build the module. Build time estimate: 30-60 minutes. It includes 2 surface mount IC’s, but the rest of the surface mount components are pre-fitted. All other components are through hole.

Build Guide: ST VCO3 Build Guide

The Duskwork Self-Tuning VCO III is designed & built for Eurorack systems, requiring an external +/-12v power supply as per the Eurorack standard. It is just 6HP in width, so it’s easy to fit into any system; from a small skiff to a studio wall.

It contains an in-built Self-Tuning circuit, so gone are the days of finding your tuner. Just hold down a C note on your 1v/oct keyboard and hit tune – wait for the green LED to light up again, and then it will be perfectly in tune. These days, many of us wish to de-tune our VCO’s, and that’s why this updated version of the VCO now has its own manual fine tune knob in addition to the Self-Tuning function.

Another useful feature of this VCO, is the in-built 3 wave mixer. You can mix the 3 waves to your preference; Triangle, Saw-Tooth & Square. Each wave has its own signal LED so that you can tell how loud each wave is at just a glance. There is just one audio output, so no need to keep moving cables if you wanted to change the oscillator source sound. View demo here


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