Power Supply


This Eurorack synthesizer power supply is a great addition to your rack. It can be affixed inside of your case, wasting no valuable space on a small skiff. Or, it can be assembled as an 8HP module, giving you all you need to monitor and interact with the power supply directly. We all know how frustrating it can be when you’re diagnosing an issue, but you have no immediate way to check if your power supply is healthy. With this module, there will be no more guessing its status.

This kit includes every component you need to build it (apart from the 12vAC wall wart plug)

Download build instructions here


– +/-12v Rail
– +5v Rail
– 8HP Width (Eurorack)
– Can be installed inside the case
– 3 rail status LEDs
– Beginner friendly
– Simple Controls


– Main PCB
– Front Panel (8HP)
– 8 way power distribution bus board
– All components required to build (apart from the AC adapter)

This has a 16 pin output, and includes a separate bus board to mount in your case.

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This is a full DIY kit for the Eurorack Power Supply & includes each component you need to get this working. The rails are rated at 1.5a max each. You must use a 12AC adapter for the input (this is not included), it cannot work if used with a DC adapter.

We reccommend using this module with this AC adapter.

The Power Supply DIY kit is ideal for beginners into the Eurorack world, but as this can fit inside the case it can also be utilised for non-Eurorack synthesizers if you require +-12v DC

Download build instructions here

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 5 cm