2018: The mission begins to make a DIY modular synthesizer. First step: power supply & case. It was all stripboard layouts in ye olde ’18. A big influence in this was Look Mum No Computer, without the resources & knowledge he shared, things would have progressed far slower.

2019: The first foray into PCB design. It was then that we had realised how much neater things could be when they were designed properly. Understanding and improving existing designs was the key here. This meant that we were able to gain a far deeper understanding into why people made things in the certain ways that they did.

2020: Time to invest more time. This unprecedented year gave us the chance to rethink what we were building, and improve everything. We now had an online presence, an online following (similar to the pied piper, you could say), but the most memorable moment of all: we sold our first commercial module. The well respected Self-Tuning VCO.

2021: Build, build, build. The time came for which we had to improve things even more. We now had our modules in shops, both in kit form & the complete modules. This changed the way we operated more than anything that came before it. We had more time to dedicate to improving our designs, and so we did just that. We received lots of valuable feedback from people using our modules, and this helped more than anything else, to make improvements far beyond what we could have made ourselves.

If you’re interested in a behind-the-scenes look into how we do what we do, then head over to our Instagram where you can gain an insiders view into what we do & how we do it.